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     What is Open GIS Data and Why is it Important?
 Open GIS Data is data that anyone can access, use and share.*
 Our Open GIS Data...
  • Can be consumed live via Service URL in different applications
  • Is available in a variety of machine readable formats, so that it can be easily downloaded and processed
  • Is authoritative so that others can rely on the source, or understand potential limitations via readily available Metadata                

 The City of San Jose's DOT has now made several GIS data sets available through this platform.
 These include,

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  • ADT Traffic Volumes
  • City Owned and Maintained Traffic Signals
  • Other Agency Traffic Signals


  • Speed Limits
  • VisionZero Crash Analysis Data


 What can you do with our Open GIS Data?
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 In DOT, we use our Open GIS Data to...
Open Data
  • Power our customer service and dispatching applications
  • Support decision making for infrastructure asset and traffic safety improvements
  • Publish information that supports program management and oversight
  • Provide vital information to the residents of the City and the customers and business partners of DOT

 What can you do with our Open Data? 

 What can you do with our Open Data?